Construction-Livingston tough

Livingston boats are known for their structural integrity, reliability and affordability. That is what has made Livingston the largest catamaran brand in the world with over 75,000 boats built. Livingstons are famous as tough, simple and safe. That reputation is earned over years of building great boats from high-quality materials by experienced boat builders. In fact, today, as a member of the PowerCat Group, Livingston catamarans are built right alongside their larger “sister ships” in the 140,000 square foot PowerCat manufacturing facility.


All composite construction

Livingston catamarans are constructed from composite materials; there is absolutely no wood in a Livingston to absorb water and deteriorate thorough rot and decay. That means you can count on a Livingston catamaran for the long term as opposed to inflatable or RIB alternatives. Lots of older owners tell us they have owned their Livingstons since childhood.


Hand-laid fiberglass

The durability and strength of a Livingston begins with the hull mold which determines the catamaran shape and finish. Each hull mold is highly polished before the gel coat white color is applied. Then, experienced hull laminators begin applying the hand-laid fiberglass woven roving that makes Livingstons strong and safe. While other manufacturers use chopped fiberglass in their hull structure, we hand lay thick layers of woven roving into the bottom of every Livingston hull.


Laminate Buildup

Layer upon layer of fiberglass fabric is hand laid into each mold with added laminate along the deck ring for superior rigidity and strength. The, while the hull remains in its mold, blocks of flotation foam are laminated into the hull structure forming seats and structural bulkheads. After the hull and flotation system cures in the mold, the entire laminated part is lifted, or “pulled” and is ready for the trim procedure.


Attention to detail

The deck tops are expertly trimmed in the trim facility then any rough edges are ground using orbital sanders with high-grit pads. After the surfaces are smoothed, the final surface sealer, complete with its blue fiber-painted finish is applied and the Livingston is ready to receive gunwale molding and hardware.



In the assembly area, gunwale molding is attached all the way around the laminate-reinforced deck ring giving the boat tough protection all-around. Then hardware is installed and the Livingston is moved to the final finishing area. Here in final finish, the quality inspection is performed and the Livingston is ready to launch. Larger boats requiring engine rigging have the engine oil filled and engines tested before the boat leaves the factory. Now your Livingston is launch ready for many years of fun on the water.


Still doing the job 25 years later! This is Livingston reliable.

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